EZ Dock EZ Launch for Kayaks & Canoes

The EZ Launch system by EZ Dock now provides a stable and durable system for boarding and exiting kayaks and canoes. Designed to be especially valuable for seniors or anyone that could benefit in assistance for launching or recovering from kayak or canoe activities the system provides a dry and safe platform.

The EZ Launch™ – Kayak and Canoe system is modular and can be configured to match any dock configuration you require. Since it is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, the dock can remain in the water year round since ice has no effect on the dock structure, it simply “pops” to the top as an ice cube tray since it only requires 1.5” of water to float.


NMMA Innovation Award

  • Rollers for smooth transition
  • Optional transfer bench with 2 heights
  • Rolling system for Slide Board stabilization and support
  • Constructed of all marine grade components and aluminum
  • Versatile and expandable
  • Floating platform adjusts to changing water levels

Which EZ Launch is Right For You?

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One Way Launch

Getting in and back out of your kayak or canoe can be a challenge. The one way EZ-Launch kayak system changes all that. The EZ Launch can be easily attached to any floating dock. It allows for effortless access the water without the traditional challenges associated with kayaking and canoeing.  Aluminum rails extend over the water allowing you to easily dry dock your canoe or kayak.

Owner’s Manual | Brochure


Drive Through

A full drive through launch experience.  Aluminum rails extend over the water at each end. Rather than pushing back as you would with the  “One Way” system you push yourself forward using the aluminum rails as they  extend over the water.  Once your journey  is complete come back to the EZ Launch and use either side of the EZ Launch to pull yourself in and dry dock you Canoe or Kayak.

Owner’s Manual | Brochure


Accessibility Transfer System

With the addition of the ADA Transfer Bench system people with disabilities, children or seniors will feel confident transferring into their watercraft independently and securely, and launching with stability and ease. The easy-to-use transfer bench and transfer slide boards allow users to simply sit, slide over and drop down into a kayak or canoe then use the side rails to pull off or back on.

Owner’s Manual | Brochure