EZ-Dock Advantages & Features


EZ Dock is the most durable floating dock system on the market today, and the combination of the patented structure and unique coupler system enables the dock system to withstand both severe weather storms and ice conditions. We provide an eight year replacement warranty that is not prorated; We’ll replace the dock with a new dock in the event of any failure. EZ Dock was the first system of its kind when introduced 20 years ago and even the early version docks that remain in the water today continue to provide exceptional service.


The bottom side of an EZ-Dock section is very different from that of a standard floating dock. The patented poly truss frame design looks similar an upside down ice cube tray. Each empty cavity on the bottom of the dock is designed to trap air. This give your dock section stability unrivaled in today’s market.

Connecting Couplers:

The EZ-Dock coupler system is made of virgin grade rubber. The couplers are used to connect anchoring hardware or dock sections to one another. This unique connection system enables the dock system to flex in multiple directions to withstand both severe storms and ice conditions.

No Maintenance:

Maintenance? What’s to maintain? A quick power wash once a year and you’ll bring your dock back to the original condition. Since ice has no effect on the EZ-Dock system, the docks can remain in the water year round.

Ice Friendly:

The EZ Dock system is designed to remain in the water year round. Requiring only 1.5” of water to float, the docks “pop” to the surface in freeze conditions & sit on the ice, eliminating dock damage and the need to annually remove and re-installing the docks! However if you experience ice flows on a river the docks should be removed since ice flows will take docks, pilings and anything else that is in the way. If you experience ice movement in a lake: simply unhook the anchor points from the dock and pull them along the edge of the lake secured with dock lines, then re-connect in the Spring.


EZ-Dock is made out of plastic and rubber. That means no wood splinters, no screws, nails or other exposed brackets. What’s more, the dock system has a unique grid surface that actually becomes less slippery when it’s wet.

Versatile Modular Design:

The EZ Dock System is similar to an adult Lego System. The docks can be easily reconfigured by moving couplers and docks. Your existing docks can be rearranged or added to with very little effort. Changes take place in hours, not weeks or months.

Environmentally Friendly:

EZ Dock is the only dock permitted in sensitive environments like Adventure Aquarium – home to over 1,000 fish, rays and sea turtles. The Nature Conservancy on the Maurice River, used for an Eagle Observation Post also employs EZ Dock. Since the dock system is made completely of polyethylene, there is no treated wood or metal to contaminate the environment.

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